Anti Money Laundering Policy and Procedures

Anti Moeny LaunderingWorldLink Financial Services (WFS) has implemented a comprehensive anti-money laundering policy for use. The policy is in line with international practices. WFS is committed to examining its anti-money laundering strategies and procedures on an ongoing basis and maintaining an effective anti-money laundering system that reflects the best practices for a financial services company. WFS is committed to high standards of anti-money laundering compliance and require its employees to adhere to these standards. The anti-money laundering policy includes

Know your customer (KYC) Principles
Recognizing Suspicious transaction/business

A strong compliance system with OFAC List installed ensures automatic rejection of the names of all the terrorists and terrorist organizations in the OFAC List

Monitoring and Controls

The maximum amount limit per transaction is fixed
All the restrictions of the various monetary authorities are applied in the sending and receiving countries

Record keeping

Customer Data is maintained at least for 6 years

Awareness and training

- Trained staff deployed in the counter
Staffs have been trained on all matters pertaining to Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing. Training has been given in line with their responsibilities.