Our Services

WorldLink Financial Services (WFS), provides its customers easy, fast, reliable and cost effective way to send money to Nepal from around the world. Simply deposit cash along with details of beneficiary at our worldwide agent locations. Within 10 minutes your beneficiary can collect the cash at our locations spread all over Nepal.

WFS provide the following service to our clients:

Instant Cash Payment:

Money remitted from anywhere in the world can be instantly cashed across WFS counters anywhere in Nepal. With our state-of-the-art technology and extensive network, we provide a secure way to send and receive money. We make sure that the remittance gets to where it’s needed quickly and without any complication.

Delivery Time: Instant

Account Deposit:

We can instantly deposit money, transferred from anywhere around the world, to remitter’s bank account in Nepal. For this service, we have corresponding relations with all major banks and financial institutions in Nepal.

Delivery Time:15 – 30 Minutes

SMS Notification

WFS notifies beneficiary regarding their arrival of remittance through SMS. This unique messaging system works through an automatically generated text message (SMS) to the beneficiary that the remittance has been received and when the beneficiary picks up the remittance a SMS is also sent to the sender that the remittance had been disbursed.

Value Added Services

WFS also notify beneficiary via telephone regarding their remittance and guide them to collect the remittance from the nearest WFS location.